Traditional/Non-traditional/Your Way

Consultation:  We will have a preliminary conversation to go over the vision of your ceremony and our services.
Detailed Meeting:  After the preliminary consultation,  a meeting will be scheduled to layout, in detail,  just what YOU want on your special day.  This will include the date,  time, the ambience of the ceremony, the size of the ceremony, the vows, and any special features.  I will  help you write your vows if that is your wish.
Frequent Contact:  I will keep in contact with you to assure all  preparations are completed.  We wish you to be totally satisfied with the wedding ceremony.
Officiate:  I  will be your official officiate and conduct your ceremony.
Marriage Certificate and Registration: After the ceremony, I will sign  your marriage license and send it to the appropriate government office  for validation.I

Forgo the Full Wedding

*Have a  legal, very special and sentimental ceremony presided over by Cassandra, the Officiant.
 *I will help you find a suitable place to hold your wedding.
*I will help with the plans for a quick, no frills ceremony: you come to the venue of your choice, choose your vows, exchange rings, “say I do,” and sign the marriage license.
*In Washington, DC, sometimes the wedding can be legally performed on the spur of the moment after obtaining the license. Other jurisdictions may require  a 24-48 hour waiting period. But after that waiting period, I am ready to officiate at your time and place.


Marriage License Signing:  If you wish absolutely no ceremony, then you and I can meet at a mutual time and place to sign your marriage license.  I will ask the questions that are required to make the marriage legal and thereafter sign and register your license.  No ceremony – no one but the two of you and me.