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Full Weddings:  Our full wedding rate begins at $450, and it includes the initial consultation,  a planning meeting for the collaboration of the details of the ceremony, unlimited script and assistance with writing of the vows and other components of the ceremony, and legal registration of your marriage license.

Small Weddings with up to 20 guests:   Our small wedding rate begins at $300. The small ceremony is usually more intimate at a home, a chapel, a yard.  The price includes the initial consultation, a planning meeting and legal registration of your marriage.

Elopements:   Our rate for elopements start at $150.  The price includes personal vows written by the couple,  prewritten wedding rituals based on religious or non-religious scripts, help with finding a marriage venue, and the legal registration of your marriage.   Elopements are limited to four people in attendance.  

Marriage License Signing:  Our price for just the two of you and the minister at a marriage license signing is $100. She will ask appropriate questions that will cover the legal requirements, sign your marriage license, and register it for you.

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Additional Fees:

*Travel to venue if distance is more than 25 miles from zip code 20018. 

*Holiday Fee  – add $100 to the base fee.

*Destination Wedding.  Calculated based on the where and when of the wedding.  Discussion with the Officiant at the initial meeting is a requirement for all destination weddings.

*Hotel Reservation – for full day and night request.  

*Per hour fee when ceremony is longer than the Agreement stipulated.


The retainer is  50% of the Officiant’s fee. The remaining balance is due prior to the ceremony. After reserving the date and time, the retainer is to be paid within 48 hours.  We accept cash, check, money orders, PayPal or debit/credit cards.  NO date is reserved or held until the retainer is received and cleared.  

All fees paid in a retainer are non-refundable.